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Tom Shek is the consulting partner. His area of focus has been financial statement preparation and reporting for public and privately held companies

Tommy Shek

Tom Shek is the counseling accomplice. His area of center has been budget summary planning and revealing for public and secretly held organizations. He has broad involvement with managing complex bookkeeping medicines like stock-based pay (ASC 718), subsidiary bookkeeping (ASC 815), convertible obligations and warrants (ASC 470), income acknowledgment (ASC 606), and consolidations and acquisitions (ASC 805). Notwithstanding his insight into SEC monetary detailing, he has been a consultant for the course of first sale of stock, public obligation contributions and capital raises through obligation, and value exchanges for his clients.

Tommy Shek
Tommy Shek

The Tommy Shek Scholarship

The Tommy Shek Scholarship is designed to provide financial support and encouragement to students who are committed to pursuing their educational goals. This scholarship will be awarded on an annual basis with funds from the Tommy Shek.

You can apply now by following below rules! And if you have any questions or would like more information about the scholarship, please contact us at info@tommyshekscholarship.com. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Business Experience of Tommy Shek :

In past, Tom was at RSM US LLP, the fifth biggest bookkeeping firm in the U.S., and acquired huge involvement with giving review administrations as a review director to ventures with up to $700 million in income for both public exchanging and secretly held organizations. He has served clients in an assortment of ventures, including assembling and circulation, shopper and modern items, SAAS, and internet business.

Overview of Tommy Shek Scholarship:

To apply, applicants must be select or recognized as matriculating students at an official university in the United States. (Or a college in the United States). In either case, the scholarship will be awarded depending on Tommy’s study of the essay you submit.

Winners can write 700-850 words creative an essay that answers the following questions:

“Write about something you are passionate about?”

Instructions for the Tommy Shek Scholarship:
The Tommy Shek Scholarship can be awarded to deserving Graduate and Post Graduate students. In the current year, the scholarship is $1000/.

Tommy Shek Scholarship Amount:
This scholarship is a double award of $1000/.

The Deadline for this scholarship is: 20th Feb 2023

Winner Announcement

A winner will be notified on: 28th Feb 2023

Tommy will notify the winner via email, or by a phone call. He will post the winner on the official Facebook page and other social media.

How to Apply:
Applicant must send mail, with 12-point text textual style font, double spaced font, printed Word doc report or Google Doc report document, and also a 700-850 words or less document with a title.

Candidate can submit their unique thoughts in terms of essay on info@tommyshekscholarship.com. The essay topic is “Write about something you are passionate about?”

The following information should immediately follow your 700-850 word essay:

First Name Last Name, Phone Number
Mailing Address
Email Address
Your highschool Graduation Date (YYYY.MM.DD)
The college/university you are applying to, have been accepting to, or are currently enrolling at.
In addition, your personal bio should be included in 290 characters or less.
Current or last GPA
To apply, submit your scholarship application to info@tommyshekscholarship.com .

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