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Free Mindful Activities For Groups – Tommy Shek

Free Mindful Activities For Groups - Tommy Shek

Staying connected is often difficult, especially when it comes to spending quality time with the people we care about. There are many challenges that put a strain on relationships, and life can get in the way of doing activities together. However, there are some great free mindful activities that groups can do together to alleviate these challenges while exploring mindfulness in a fun and engaging way. From guided meditations to creative arts projects, this blog post by Tommy Shek will explore some enjoyable group activities that will give your mind and spirit a much-needed break from the stresses of everyday life.

Tommy Shek Lists Free Mindful Activities For Groups

1. Meditating Together – A great way to start a mindful activity session for a group is to practice meditating together, says Tommy Shek. Start by having everyone sit in a comfortable position, and then guide them through the process of focusing on their breathing or repeating some mantra or words that help them focus. Doing this together helps create an atmosphere of collective energy and connection between members, as well as promotes relaxation and stress reduction.

2. Nature Walks – Taking nature walks with your group can be both calming and energizing at the same time. Encourage members to observe the beauty of nature around them, such as birds singing, the sun setting, leaves rustling in the wind, etc. This helps people become more aware of their surroundings, connecting with nature and being mindful of the present moment.

3. Guided Imagery – This activity requires leading members of the group through a guided imagery experience, which can be a great way to enhance mindfulness. Start by having everyone close their eyes and focus on some peaceful image, such as a beautiful beach or meadow filled with flowers, etc. Explain each part in detail, slowly guiding them deeper into relaxation until they’re fully immersed in the experience.

4. Gratitude Exercise – Teach your group members how to practice gratitude by writing down at least three things they are grateful for each day during the session. Doing this daily helps shift people’s perspective from negative thinking to actively appreciating all that is good in life, promoting feelings of contentment and joy.

5. Singing Bowl Meditation – This activity, as per Tommy Shek, requires a singing bowl, which has a calming and uplifting effect on people’s moods when played. Have each member close their eyes while you play the singing bowl and explain how they can focus on their own inner state to achieve deeper relaxation. At the end of the session, discuss what each person experienced during the meditation, helping them become more aware of their emotions and thoughts.

Tommy Shek’s Concluding Thoughts

These are just some examples by Tommy Shek of free mindful activities for groups that you can use as a starting point for cultivating mindfulness in your group members. Remember to always keep an open mind and be sensitive to everyone’s individual needs when planning these activities. Doing this will help create an environment where everyone can feel comfortable and safe to explore the power of mindfulness. Happy exploring!