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Tommy Shek Explains How To Communicate Better With Your Partner In Marriage


When you are in a marriage with a person, it is vital that you both have strong communication with each other. If you do not talk to each other, express your point of view, listen to them, and discuss things, it can lead to a lot of fights.

According to Tommy Shek, when you learn to talk to your spouse, you will be blessed with the ability to understand them in a better way. You can see a decrease in the number of conflicts and arguments that you have when you are in a constant communication stage.

According to Tommy Shek, here are some ways to improve communication with your partner.

Tommy Shek Suggests To Listen

We can hear our spouse talking a lot, but how many times have you actually made an effort to Listen to them? Like, really listen. Pop that phone aside, and giving them your undivided attention is something that is missing from many marriages these days.

In an argument, you may just be counting on your points so that you can lash out at them rather than focusing on what they are trying to say and understanding them. With all your defence mechanisms working Overspeed, you just look for an opportunity that can allow you to rant out too.

So, rather than doing that, it is important that you listen to them.

Tommy Shek Suggests To Set A Time-Out

When you are talking to your partner, it is not necessary that you continue to speak till one of you implodes and initiates a fiery stream of conversation. So, you should learn to set a time-out system and also say the same to your partner.

When you notice that you are not going on the same page and you need a time-out, take one! You can both agree on a word like “let’s take a break” or “let’s cool off” so that you can actually manage to stop the conversation from getting heated.

Tommy Shek Suggests To Have A Grip On The Words That You Choose

Your words can cut through someone’s heart, and when you are angry – you may just be trying to do that. All the love at a standstill; you focus on all the negatives and may say things out of spite. This is not good behaviour at all.

You learn to choose whatever you say wisely because this can reflect on you in many ways.

The words that you choose can actually cause a bad turn in a relationship, and hence, you should be very careful with them.

Tommy Shek Suggests To Put Yourselves in Their Shoes

According to Tommy Shek, the best thing that you can do is think from their perspective and consider their point of view. While it is easy to impose your feelings, it is not always easy to understand how others feel and think. So, be patient and try to put yourself in their shoes every once in a while – it will really help you in understanding them.

Final Thoughts

According to Tommy Shek, a relationship requires a lot of communication and compromises from both sides. Hence, you need to be open to a lot of adjustments to make it work.